Appearances in Exhibitions

September 2014 – March 2015
One to three paintings were on display in these juried shows. The dates are approximate and I did not keep a list of the titles; jurists names are included if known.

Atkinson “Small Images” Show, Tif Sigfrids jurist, October 2014
“Purely Abstract”, Abstract 8 Show at SBTennis Club, Susan Tibbles jurist,January 2015 JCC show sponsored by AAC, Summer 2014
JCC show sponsored by SBAA, Lynn Holley jurist, Fall 2014
Beach Pavilion Gallery “Beach Show” SBAA, Hugh Margerum jurist, March 2015
AAC Abstract Open, Faulkner Gallery, John Carlander jurist, October, 2015
Faulkner Gallery “Fall Show” SBAA, Fall 2015
1919 State Street, “Fall Show”, Priscilla Fossek jurist, Fall 2015
Meisel Gallery by AAC, “Reflection”, Rita Ferri jurist, January 2015
TV Studio Gallery by AAC, “Multivision”, Nancy Gifford jurist, March 2015
Carpinteria, 855 Gallery “Portals”, Thomas Van Stein jurist, November 2014 Carpinteria, 855 Gallery “Figure It Out”, Valorie Fussell jurist, March 2015
Carpinteria, 855 “Illumination”, January 2015
Carpinteria, Porch Store Gallery, “Valentine Exhibition”, February 2015
Faulkner Gallery, “Christmas Show SBAA”, December 2015
Photography Special Exhibit G113, Maria Scott jurist, October 2015
SB Mayor’s office “The Mayor’s Exhibit”, Nathan Vonk jurist, February – May 2015 Special October Exhibit G113, Karen Luckhurst jurist, October 2014
ArtPrize Exhibit in Grand Rapids, MI, September 2014