Painting Thoughts

  • If you canʼt be good, be bold. If you canʼt be bold, quit.
  • How to paint?
    Define space. Destroy space. Redefine space. Thatʼs it.
  • I take more paint off a canvas than I leave on.
  • I paint paintings of paintings, thatʼs all.
  • It is impossible to see what I paint.
  • I donʼt try to put thought into the paintings yet they fail if they donʼt provoke thought.
  • The amount of paint on the canvas is not nearly as important as where it is.
  • I want my audience to work as much as I do.
  • I donʼt want to paint like anyone else – why would I?
  • My painting comes from nothing.
  • Sometimes you have to feed the monster and sometimes you have to kill it.
  • Best definition of abstract painting: you can see something that isnʼt there.
  • Artists are moody and self-centered; it doesnʼt matter if theyʼre any good.
  • Key to a “good” abstract painting: it looks like something but it isnʼt.
    Key to a “great” abstract painting: every day it looks like something else and it is.
  • Paintings are windows through which you can see the artist.
  • The only thing more frivolous to say than you understand art is to say that you donʼt.
  • Once defined, Meaninglessnessism will become the next great art movement.
  • The only thing more fun than looking at Abstract art is creating it. And sex.
  • Embrace whatʼs there. Donʼt force it. Itʼll come to you.
  • Art and ego are two three letter words which mean just about the same thing.
  • Breathe with the world, not against it.
  • You canʼt know what to paint. Stop thinking and follow your instincts.
  • Listen. The painting will tell you what to paint.
  • If you donʼt like it, I donʼt care. If you do like it, I donʼt care. Whether you like it or not, I donʼt care. Itʼs art.
  • Creating art is making love.
  • How do you know what to paint? Wrong verb.
  • The last thing I want to do when I paint is think.
  • Artists go in and out of style. Never Art itself. Art is as permanent as birth.
  • The only reward in making something good rather than something bad is that it is easier to fool yourself into thinking that all the pain and exhaustion was worth it.
  • Almost everything I do is due to deliberate serendipity.
  • I have to keep generating stuff because most of my stuff is junk. Once in a while I create a masterpiece. Then I paint over it.
  • You have to be both looking for the painting and not. The act of producing art is the art itself.
  • Abstract art is meaningless.
  • I paint what I feel. Sometimes I donʼt feel so good.
  • If itʼs any good, make it big.
  • The paint goes on.
  • Iʼm good at pretending to be an artist. If you pretend long enough you become good.
  • Abstract is a process, not a style. (my paraphrase of Duncan Phillips)
  • Artists are temporary. Art isnʼt.
  • Abstract art refers to nothing. That is itʼs something.
  • Defining abstract art excludes abstract art by definition.
  • There is no what or where or who in abstract art, only why. And that just barely.
  • Itʼs fun to think about abstract art. On Tuesdays.
  • Let the painting speak. Itʼs not a dialogue. I fail when I donʼt shut up.
  • Iʼm an artist. I donʼt know what I do. So donʼt ask.
  • Jazz : Music
  • Abstract : Art
  • My work looks better at night. With the lights off.
  • How hard is painting? Well, when looking at two paintings, you might say –
    This painting is overworked. And that painting is underworked.
    One is too complicated and one is too simple.
    Finding that moment when you stop painting is the hardest moment to realize.
    Itʼs all instinct at that moment.
    You canʼt teach it.
    Realizing when to stop is much harder than realizing where to begin, and realizing where to begin is a logical impossibility. THATʼS how hard it is.
  • My work looks better at a distance. At about half a mile.
  • A perfect day: paint, rinse, make love, rinse. Repeat.
  • You forget to look at the mountains when youʼre at the beach.
  • I think before I paint, and after I paint, but never during the painting.
  • Youʼll never – ever – find inspiration if you go looking for it.
  • I just choose colors and release energy.
  • In art the only way you learn is by doing. It is the very definition of creativity.
  • Listen to instinct. Follow instinct. Create instinct.
  • You need to go to the next step. Always.