Available for Sale Now:
Haiku and Abstract Art (Their Zen Connections), published December 2015

Previous Books:
Just See It (Talking to Kids About Abstract Art)
What Is It? (Seven Questions About Abstract Art)
If You Paint By Someone Else’s Rules… (Ideas About Abstract Art)

Books Coming Soon:
Feed the Monster (Short Essays on Abstract Art) Just See It #2 (Engaging Kids with Abstract Art)

More books in my “John Hitchcock Comic Mystery Series” will be added soon. Mona Lisa Runs a Marathon, The Curse of the Gray Parrot, and Who Killed Santa Claus are already available. Look for Beach House Blues coming this summer.

Most books are available on-line, at Chaucer’s Books or at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art Store in Santa Barbara, or at Porch in Carpinteria. The most efficient and inexpensive way to order books is directly from Rick at