Rick is doing a “Meet and Greet” as featured artist at The Blue Door in the Funk Zone during Art Walk. Some of his works will continue on exhibit off and on throughout the summer at The Blue Door, located at 4 East Yanonali, SB.


Throughout the summer and fall Rick will to exhibit at the Faulkner Gallery, the Jewish Community Center Gallery, the Cabrillo Pavilion Gallery, and Gallery 855 in Carpinteria, in addition to being at 10 West..


Rick is scheduled to be one of several artist in the August show at the prestigious Michael Kate Gallery in August. Part of the show will be broadcast and podcast along the Central Coast. Details to follow.


Rick is a Featured Artist on the mezzanine for the month of June in an exhibition entitled “Abstracts Large and Small”. Pairing up with Brian Tepper, a master of miniature abstract painting (among many other talents) for which he is known world-wide, Rick and Brian will showcase their very large and very small abstract paintings in this unique, first of a kind, show. Gallery 113 is open daily at 1114 State Street #8.


10 West Gallery (ext)

Rick has joined with several other artists to open a new gallery in SB. It features modern and contemporary art, including paintings, sculptures and photography.

The opening in May was attended by over 400 people.

10 West Gallery (Jan)

Rick will be part of a “Dueling Artists” special presentation with Beth Schmohr at 10 West during SB’s “Art and Wine” Tour on May 26. The two artists will simultaneously, together and separately, work on two paintings during the evening, in a fun experiment to showcase their creative processes.

Starting in July, Rick will be exhibiting at 10 West every other month.

The gallery is located at 10 West Anapamu and is open Thursday through Mondays.

10 West Gallery (Rick's Work)

Recent sales

Rick has also sold a major work work, “Transitions”, to a collector in Zurich, Switzerland; and another work, “Rube G’s Machine”, to a doctor in Missouri; Rick’s work is currently on display throughout the midwest and the central coast of California.


Available for Sale Now:
Haiku and Abstract Art (Their Zen Connections), published December 2015

Previous Books:
Just See It (Talking to Kids About Abstract Art)
What Is It? (Seven Questions About Abstract Art)
If You Paint By Someone Else’s Rules… (Ideas About Abstract Art)

Books Coming Soon:
Feed the Monster (Short Essays on Abstract Art) Just See It #2 (Engaging Kids with Abstract Art)

More books in my “John Hitchcock Comic Mystery Series” will be added soon. Mona Lisa Runs a Marathon, The Curse of the Gray Parrot, and Who Killed Santa Claus are already available. Look for Beach House Blues coming this summer.

Most books are available on-line, at Chaucer’s Books or at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art Store in Santa Barbara, or at Porch in Carpinteria. The most efficient and inexpensive way to order books is directly from Rick at rkdoehring@gmail.com.


I have created over 20 different t-shirts with my original sayings about attitudes towards abstract art and life. All t-shirts are black with white lettering and come in sizes small through extra-large, and cost $25 each.

A complete list will one day be on this website but some of the sayings include:

“Abstract Art is Jazz Music you don’t hear.”

“My rules for Abstract Art: No limits
No regrets
No rules”

“Second guessing is a waste of instinct.”

“I don’t need a brand. I’m not a cow.”
“Breathe with the world, not against it.”
“Always take the next step. Always.”
“Abstract Art is Choreography without the dancers.” “I don’t paint souvenirs.”

“Abstract Art is an empty pick-up truck.”

“A Circle with merely a Line which has found itself.”

“Feed the Monster.”

“Abstract Art is Math without numbers.”

“Everything I do is due to deliberate serendipity.”

“Choose a color and release energy.”

Though some shirts are on display at various locations in town, they are available to order from me at rkdoehring@gmail.com.

Rick’s Gallery is now open at The Blue Door!

Rick’s Gallery is a continuously evolving and changing gallery at which I display 10-15 of my paintings in coordinated shows, as well as my photographs, books on art, mystery books, and t-shirts. All work is original and is for sale on site, or on-line.

I am very excited to have a new complete exhibition of my current work going up every 6 weeks. This experiment will continue throughout the summer. Please stop by and take a look at 4 East Yanonali in Santa Barbara. Rick’s Gallery is on the 3rd floor.

Donations of paintings

Donations of paintings to fund-raising exhibits:
FADA (High School Art Program), “Rain Dance Exhibition”, February 2015
Student Arts Fund, Art Fund Gallery, “5×5 Exhibition”, October 2014
Ridley Tree Museum at Westmont College, “5×5 Exhibition”, November 2014
Rotary Club of Carpinteria, “1950s Event”, May 2015
GOO (An Ecological Ocean Organization), “40th Anniversary Show” September 2015


In his review of the Abstract 8 Exhibition in the Santa Barbara News Press by its well- known art critic Josef Woodward describes my work “A Long Day at the Office” as “the post-Jackson Pollock drip, sponge and splatter approach to image-making”, and that by “riffing off of the teasing wink of the title, the painting teeters at a juncture between orderliness and both freedom and brewing existential crisis.” The painting is “the abstractionist life, in the “office” of one’s own studio and painter brain.

Comments on “Portals” Exhibit at Gallery 855

by Jurist Thomas Van Stein, art professor and artist, on my work “Door in New Orleans”, which he awarded 3rd Place to in the “Portals” Exhibit at Gallery 855 in Carpinteria:“[this painting] looks effortless, decisive, spontaneous”
“[the artist] knew what they were doing without doing too much”

The link to the complete Video of this jurist talking about my painting is here (his comments on my painting begin at the 56:40 minute mark)

More awards!

I was given the top prize, the Jurist’s Award for “Navajo Dancer” in Santa Barbara Art Association’s JCC Fall show. The jurist was Lynn M. Holley, Executive Consultant to the Arts.

I was awarded Third Place for “Door in New Orleans” Gallery 855 Carpinteria “Portals” Show; the jurist was Art professor and artist Thomas Van Stein.

I had an Honorable Mention for “Yellow Door” at the SBAA Beach Pavilion Show, the jurist was well-known artist Hugh Margerum.

Yes Store Experience

During the month of December I had a booth area in the infamous “Yes Store”, the longest running Artist Collective in the country, a shop which pops up every December for the holidays. 20-25 Artists and Craftspeople display their work, a good time is had by all, thousands of dollars of art is sold, and the experience of meeting new artists and seeing their work is gift enough. I hope to repeat showing in the Yes Store in 2015 if I am juried in again.


Abstract and Otherwise

A new discipline I am exploring is the use of photography and soon these images will also be available on this website. Until then, the exhibit at The Blue Door is the best place to view this new experiment in my Abstract Art world.


By sheer luck and coincidence – what I call deliberate serendipity – 42 turns out to be the number of my paintings hanging in Santa Barbara through June 13th.

Nebula + Desert Meditation + Chauncey Gardener + The Left Hand of God + Jack’s Space + Bastille Day + In the Beginning + Squares c.1970 + Man Watching His Future on TV + Hipster + Four Corners / Earth Wind Fire Water + Bark + It Remains to Be Seen + Twins Are Different + Failing to Measure the Human Soul + City By the Sea (Seal’s POV) + Twist and Shout, the Emergence of Innocence + True Blonde + Jelly Fish + Twist of Fate + Two Things Everybody Likes + Lost Horizons + White Wine + Red Wine + Hear the Planet Crying + Sunset Sunrise + The Space Behind You + The Singer + Hendrix on Fire + Neat + Jackson Orders a Lemon-Lime + Lies and Obscenities + Kokopelli + The Difference Between Yes and Maybe + Cherokee in Chinos + Choreographer + Woman in Blue + Minimum Sun + Angel Wings + A + Filled with Desire + In Love with Strangers

Many thanks to the people at these venues: Carr Winery, Granada Books, Faulkner Gallery, Gallery 113, Mezzanine 113, Hutton Building Gallery – and especially Cindy.

Reception at Carr Winery Saturday May 3rd for the exhibit “21 Abstracts”

Art opening at Carr Winery 5-3-14-12 Art opening at Carr Winery 5-3-14-40 Art opening at Carr Winery 5-3-14-69 Art opening at Carr Winery 5-3-14-75 Art opening at Carr Winery 5-3-14-81

Between 80 and 120 people enjoyed 30 of Rick’s Abstract Art paintings, including eleven of his new large pieces such as “City By the Sea”, and “Godard”, as well dancing to the music of the incomparable David Courtenay and his band.  Described as one of the best art shows and receptions at the winery by the Carrs themselves, many local artists attended the event and many new faces were seen as well. Eighteen pieces remain on exhibit until June 14th.