I have created over 20 different t-shirts with my original sayings about attitudes towards abstract art and life. All t-shirts are black with white lettering and come in sizes small through extra-large, and cost $25 each.

A complete list will one day be on this website but some of the sayings include:

“Abstract Art is Jazz Music you don’t hear.”

“My rules for Abstract Art: No limits
No regrets
No rules”

“Second guessing is a waste of instinct.”

“I don’t need a brand. I’m not a cow.”
“Breathe with the world, not against it.”
“Always take the next step. Always.”
“Abstract Art is Choreography without the dancers.” “I don’t paint souvenirs.”

“Abstract Art is an empty pick-up truck.”

“A Circle with merely a Line which has found itself.”

“Feed the Monster.”

“Abstract Art is Math without numbers.”

“Everything I do is due to deliberate serendipity.”

“Choose a color and release energy.”

Though some shirts are on display at various locations in town, they are available to order from me at rkdoehring@gmail.com.